Web 3 and What It Means to Build the Gallery of the Future

Web 3 and What It Means to Build the Gallery of the Future

For over 60 years, Pace has provided a platform for creative futures. The gallery’s commitment to sustainable blockchain technology signifies a reimagination of how art galleries can work online.

The past year reset and reshaped the way we experience art. We saw museums close and galleries shutter. We saw the world around us reduced down to a window on the screen. And at the same time, we saw a renaissance unfold. New traction for NFTs gave momentum to a new medium; a fundamental reimagining of what art can mean. 

We’re still in the early days of understanding what the blockchain can mean for creativity. Every day, new projects emerge that redefine the space. Projects that build new communities. Projects that raise more questions than answers. Projects that shift over time. Things that can never be constrained by a frame. 

A new medium requires space to grow. Within the fast-shifting landscape of NFT art, how can we build durable, sustainable infrastructure for creators and collectors? What does it mean to run a gallery on the blockchain? 

This fall, we’re partnering with Pace Gallery to build a new platform for digital art. Since its foundation, Pace has advocated for the artists and movements that have become canon: from Abstract Expressionism to Light and Space. Today, Pace has become a leading voice in blockchain innovation in the arts; opening up new frontiers for creators. That commitment continues with the launch of the gallery’s new artist-first NFT platform, built in collaboration with Palm NFT Studio. 

With Pace, our goal is to reimagine how art galleries can work online. At the core of the initiative is a commitment to creative sustainability. The Pace NFT platform is designed to remove barriers for artists, with free project minting. It’s designed to be low-impact, built on Palm technology that provides a 99.99% reduction in energy consumption versus Proof of Work systems. And it’s designed to be frictionless for collectors, with full Ethereum compatibility. 

Pace’s platform will feature NFTs created by artists represented by the gallery. The gallery will also shine a light on curated projects from outside Pace; providing space and support for new voices creating with blockchain technology. 

As we look to the future, we take inspiration from the past. Preceding the launch of the Pace platform, we’re partnering with Pace and KnownOrigin to drop two NFTs from digital art pioneer Lucas Samaras. The one-of-one digital and physical editions represent iconic works from Samaras’ XYZ series, created between 2010-2012. They span formal explorations of color, space, and material manipulation. They offer up a window into a vibrant virtual universe; one that, nearly a decade later, feels especially prescient. And they also confer each collector with a special reward. Purchase of each 1:1 will automatically whitelist the buyer for the inaugural drop on the Pace NFT Platform. 

Inspired by Samaras, our goal is to create a platform that remains true to native digital formats in circulation, and in exhibition. The fall launch of the Pace NFT platform will see the debut of a new landmark series from Samaras exploring self-investigation and the outer bounds of art online. The NFTs will be accessibly priced; designed to reach an inclusive spectrum of collector communities. 

For decades, Pace has been at the forefront of art and culture. Their commitment to the NFT space sends a signal that there’s a home for artists on the blockchain; now, and into the future. And it offers a blueprint for where galleries can go next: resourcing next generation artists with the sustainable infrastructure to bring their next big idea to life, and to market. 

View the drop on KnownOrigin.