NFT.NYC Here We Come! Palm NFT Studio’s Guide to the Not-To-Miss Events for Your Week in NYC

NFT.NYC Here We Come! Palm NFT Studio’s Guide to the Not-To-Miss Events for Your Week in NYC

An NFT composed of neurons. A mushroom growing in Times Square. Superheroes. Aerialists. Immersive art experiences. Here’s our guide to everything going on at NFT.NYC this year. 

The NFT world is taking over New York City starting June 20th for the 4th annual leading non-fungible token event conference featuring an array of immersive art experiences, panels and talks from leaders in web3, alongside amazing art parties all across the city in celebration of the almighty non-fungible token.

For ideas on where to go, scroll down to view the week’s key events to see in the Big Apple.

Exclusive DC Bat Cowls Event
Mon, June 20th, 9pm-1am
SPYSCAPE: 928 8th Ave, New York, NY 10019
RSVP: Verified DC Bat Cowl holders only

Holders of the Bat Cowl Collection from around the world get a deep dive first-look experience into the secret worlds of spies and superheroes at BATMAN x SPYSCAPE! Try exciting challenges and get a personalized profile of your own spy superpowers developed by a former Head of Training at MI6.

You can also try the new Batman experience which puts you at the center of a Gotham City mystery, interacting with legendary DC characters in an immersive interactive adventure. Come meet the Bat Cowl community and go on a top-secret mission inspired by the world of DC’s Batman.

ARTECHOUSE x Palm NFT Studio panel: “Art, Science, and the Blockchain”
Tue June 21st, 6pm-10pm
ARTECHOUSE NYC: 439 W 15th St, New York, NY 10011
RSVP: Tickets

Come check out an immersive art and thought leadership experience as Palm NFT Studio partners with ARTECHOUSE for an unforgettable evening. Learn more about the ‘Life of a Neuron’ exhibit that brings artists and scientists together for a groundbreaking collaboration to explore how the brain shapes the shared human experience.

Our selected panelists from around the science, art, and web3 ecosystems will be discussing the ability for artists to translate scientific concepts into web3 experiences, and how that could impact education, awareness, and interest in STEM for future generations.

Afterward, attendees can take part in the reception and afterparty kicking off at 8 pm.

Panel speakers include: 

— Bianca Posterli | Head of Social Marketing and Activations, Twitter
— Sandro Kereselidze | Founder & Chief Creative Officer, ARTECHOUSE
— Jim Kwik | NYT Bestselling Author, CEO of Kwik Brain and World’s #1 Brain Coach
— Astrid Pilla | Founder, NFT Creator Tours
— Moderator: John Downing | Creative Director, Palm NFT Studio

Portion x Palm NFT Studio: LUMINESCENCE: An Art Experience
Fri June 24th, 9pm-2am
LUME studios: 393 Broadway, New York, NY 10013
RSVP: Tickets

​​“An immersive art experience like no other” with emerging DJs, acrobatic performances, an open bar, and some delightful surprises, all within a design studio at the intersection of art and technology.

Pushing the boundaries for what an immersive experience entails, we’ve curated a collection of artists who have created exclusive works that explore new ways of thinking about physical experiences directly connected to digital art.

Featuring DJ sets by &Friends, DJ Francheska, and Catori alongside acrobatic performances by Yoga Aerialist, Bubble Girl, and a live musical performance from Ollie.

** Portion is the premier online marketplace connecting artists and collectors through blockchain technology to easily sell, invest, and own art and collectibles with complete transparency.

Times Square Billboard Activation
Mon, June 20th to Fri, June 24th inclusive
Times Square: 47th St and Broadway, New York, NY 10036

To introduce our ecosystem, we’ll be taking over an intersection with a billboard that sees our fronds floating above the city, creating green space and an opportunity to make a statement at the “crossroads of the world”.

The Palm network is an NFT-optimized blockchain for culture and creativity and currently existing as an Ethereum sidechain that is fully interoperable with the main Ethereum network. The Palm network also offers low gas costs, fast transactions, and a 99.99%+ reduction in energy consumption when compared to Proof of Work systems.

PNFTs & Speakers: Palm NFT Studio at NFT.NYC
June 20th – June 23rd.
Marriott Marquis Times Square: 1535 Broadway, New York, NY 10036

If you’re at NFT.NYC, be sure to come through to learn more about what we’re working on:

“How Brands Can Use NFTs for Compelling Storytelling and Community Building”
Dan Heyman, Co-Founder & CEO, Palm NFT Studio
Date & Time:: Thursday, June 23, 2022. 10:40 AM EST
Location: Marriott 7th Floor – Astor

“Fans, Co-Creation and Collaborative Storytelling with NFTs”
Straith Schreder, Executive Creator Director, Palm NFT Studio
Other Panelists:

 Mat Sposta, Founder, Chibi Labs (parent organization behind the sold out Chibi Genesis, Apes, and Galaxy 3D NFT collections)
 Nir Kouris, Founder of Coin Nations and Fintech Nations Summits
 B. Earl, Marvel writer

Date & Time: Thursday, June 23, 2022. Time: 9:55 AM
Location: Marriott 5th Floor – Westside

“Brands on the Blockchain: what creatives should think about when they think about web3”
John Downing, Creative Director, Palm NFT Studio
Other Panelists:

 Matthew Dweck, Founder, Doodle Labs
 Chloe Janicki, Head of Web3, mau5trap, seven20
 Christopher Sealey, Vice President of NFTs and Creative Director, OneOf
 David Wachsman, CEO, Wachsman

Date & Time: Thursday, June 23, 2022. 10:55 AM EST.
Location: Marriott 5th Floor – Westside

“Virtually Compliant: Emerging Legal Issues in NFTs”
Diana Stern, General Counsel, Palm NFT Studio
Date & Time: Thursday, June 23, 2022. 2:35 PM EST
Location: Edison Ballroom South

Looking for more things to do? Explore the full NFT NYC schedule on the official website today. Keep up on digital coverage and highlights from #NFTNYC2022 and its accompanying events.