On Community

On Community

When we think of community at Palm, we think specifically about how we can empower creators in the new economy of Web3.0. While Web2.0 placed the highest value on corporations and gatekeepers, Web3.0 should be a place where any artist can succeed and all artists have a voice.

When we say the blockchain is the medium, we mean it. We are helping to create the future for creators and in the process, redefining how creators are seen and valued.

As we begin to build the framework of what our Community is in earnest, we aim to create a space that is inclusive and safe for creators seeking kinship and who are eager to redefine creativity in new and exciting ways.

As with any new community, we have set forth a few guiding principles and core values that govern how we build, grow and evolve.

At Palm we are building an ecosystem that reflects the beauty and diversity of the world at large. It is our intention to create a community that is diverse in thought and deeds.
We will always share the truth. We understand that, at times, this may be difficult and the truth can be hard to take. But we stand by the truth and promise to be transparent at all times.
We treat everyone with respect and the way we would want to be treated. Community interaction can become heated at times. We insist on respect for all.
We are a creator-centric community that empowers creatives to do their best work.
We believe in a new creator economy powered by NFTs and while we are still scratching the surface of what NFTs could be, we believe that the foundation of this new creator ecosystem will be driven by a thriving community.

We’re on a mission to change the way that you think about NFTs. 

Join Us on our audacious mission!