Nifty’s Launches ‘Matrix Avatars’ NFT Project on the Palm Network

Nifty’s Launches ‘Matrix Avatars’ NFT Project on the Palm Network

Warner Bros. teams with Nifty’s to launch Matrix Avatars, a 100,000 unique ‘Matrix’-inspired avatars collectible series on the Palm Network.

In anticipation of ‘The Matrix: Resurrections’, the fourth film in the franchise, Nifty’s and Warner Bros. are launching Matrix Avatars, a first-of-its-kind NFT avatar project, designed from the ground up to be the largest of its kind, with 100,000 unique avatars built with Epic Game’s MetaHuman Creator. The project also marks the first major motion picture IP to enter the dynamic world of NFT avatars. Most importantly, it offers fans of the franchise the opportunity to inhabit the Matrix universe as a character that is theirs and only theirs. Warner Bros. and Nifty’s decided to mint the Matrix NFTs on the Palm blockchain, which is energy-efficient and has a minimal environmental impact.

Nifty's & Warner Bros. Matrix Avatars Available Now
Nifty’s & Warner Bros. Matrix Avatars Available Now

The Matrix avatars are now available for $50 per avatar. Fans have the option to buy their avatars with Fiat (credit or debit card) and/or with cryptocurrency (DAI on the Palm blockchain). Fans will be able to enter the waiting room and from there, Nifty’s members will be placed in a queue in order to ensure a smooth and seamless transaction process.

Matrix Avatars will launch in two stages: First, beginning on November 30th, Nifty’s users will have the opportunity to buy randomly-generated “base” avatars resembling ordinary people trapped in The Matrix. The avatars, which users will be able to buy and sell on the Nifty’s marketplace, are created with a variety of attributes with millions of possible permutations that we’ll reveal over the coming weeks. Then, beginning December 16th, base avatar holders will be given a choice: Take a Blue Pill and have your avatar remain locked in the Matrix, or take a Red Pill and transform your avatar into a resistance fighter unplugged from the Matrix. Red Pill resistance fighters will keep the same bodies but have entirely new features inspired by the heroes of the Matrix films.

Matrix Avatars will be a multi-year experience, including an active online community and “missions” that offer users opportunities to earn NFTs and upgrade their avatars. After the two-stage launch, the multiyear project will include frequent challenges that will allow the ‘Matrix’ NFT holders to upgrade their avatars, earn new NFT rewards and participate in an active community.

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