NFT Creator Beginner’s Guide: How To Make Your NFTs Stand Out in 4 Steps

NFT Creator Beginner’s Guide: How To Make Your NFTs Stand Out in 4 Steps

Standing out from other artists in the NFT art world where brilliant creators and artworks are plentiful can seem like a daunting task. However, getting collectors and art enthusiasts’ attention boils down to understanding how to navigate the space. While it might take a bit of research and movement on your end, we’ve identified a few steps that can help you as an NFT creator.   

1. Choose Your Niche

It’s important to keep in mind that what you bring to the table might look different (and should look different) from all of the wonderful NFT art circulating online. Finding your niche allows you to become an expert at your craft and guides you in beginning to build your brand and audience. Artists and creators might start by browsing through NFT listings and marketplaces to get an idea of where their interests lie and how they want to execute your vision. This becomes especially useful when you’re considering which platforms you’d like to share your work on. DYOR (Do your own research) and start creating.

2. Join a Community

Community is the driving force behind most successful NFT projects and initiatives. The connections you make in the Metaverse have the potential to grow into lasting relationships and can help you to develop your creative confidence. Actively participating in NFT popular social platforms like Twitter, Discord, and Telegram and engaging in artist feature programs such as Palm NFT Studio’s Creator Engagement Program, and Portion’s Artist Open Call, are a few of the ways you can get started.

3. Create With Intention

We often tend to assign meaning to our creations and those creations often end up having a life of their own. So what’s your NFT’s story? No one can tell it better than you can and it’s best that you do. People are drawn to mediums and background stories that we can identify with, while also helping to establish purpose, intention, and value within a creation. It is the imagination of the collective that has fostered strong bonds and common goals.

4. Price Wisely

Risk is an integral part of pricing. The act of setting a price too high can risk losing a collector’s interest, while setting the price too low can risk undermining the value of your artwork. Research is important. We recommend tracking the best selling artists in your niche and exploring the historical activity of their listings. Where did they start? How many collections do they have, and what does their audience look like? 

Continue experimenting with the prices of your NFTs, where you’re minting them, and always expect your community to be your #1 marketing resource. It may sound a bit cliche, but you don’t need to spend a ton of money on sophisticated marketing tactics to create a successful project. In the meantime, trust the process and try to use it as a way to fall in love with your art – over and over again.