Having Trouble Sending Eth From the Palm Network to Mainnet? Here’s Why

Having Trouble Sending Eth From the Palm Network to Mainnet? Here’s Why

While the Palm network bridge can be used to transfer DAI and other ERC-20 tokens between the Palm network and Ethereum, you cannot send ETH from the Palm network to Mainnet or vice versa.

This can leave anyone confused as it appears to be a viable option on the network. However, this is an understandable misconception because you see  “x amount of ETH” displayed on your MetaMask account. It’s likely that your currency symbol is set to “ETH” by default in MetaMask rather than the “PALM” token, which is the native token on the Palm network.

Luckily, there’s a simple fix to this issue. Here’s a quick breakdown of how to configure your MetaMask to optimize your settings for a smooth token transfer process.

First, click on Settings in your MetaMask app. Once you’ve reached the destination page, click on Network then Palm. Finally, set your Currency Symbol to “PALM”. Please use the image below as a reference.

What can I bridge to Mainnet at any given time?

One simple way is to visit the bridge pages hyperlinked below.

You’ll first connect your MetaMask. Once you’re connected, click on the drop box menu titled “Please select token”.


As you can see in the image above, you’ll be able to view the token assets that you can move from the Palm network to Ethereum and vice versa in the dropdown menu.

The process is the same to view which of your NFTs can be transferred across the Palm network bridge.

You’re all set to go!