So You Bought a Damien Hirst Currency NFT. Now What?

So You Bought a Damien Hirst Currency NFT. Now What?

Congratulations! You were lucky enough to be allocated an NFT of the The Currency. You’ve paid. You’ve claimed. The NFT is now in your metamask wallet. What can you do with it?

Secondary Marketplaces on Palm:

Both HENI and Nifty’s allow you to buy and sell your NFTs. Want a different one? Want more? Visit our partners.

Bridge to Ethereum Mainnet

You can bridge your NFT to mainnet Ethereum, if you want to interact with dapps on mainnet. The bridge lives at You’ll have to pay for the Ethereum gas fees in order to do this. 

(Coming Soon) Burn Your NFT for the Physical

HENI will enable you to burn your NFT and claim the physical piece. 

(Coming Soon) Additional Fun with NFTs

A number of DeFi protocols are deploying on Palm in order to interact with The Currency NFTs. 

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