Damien Hirst Airdrops Surprise ‘Great Expectations’ NFT Collection

Damien Hirst Airdrops Surprise ‘Great Expectations’ NFT Collection

We are thrilled to announce Great Expectations, the second NFT collection by Damien Hirst, which launched as an airdrop on November 25th, 2021. The NFTs have been airdropped to holders of Hirst’s The Currency collection, which launched earlier this year within HENI’s marketplace built on the Palm Network.

Damien Hirst airdropped 10,000 free NFTs to ‘The Currency’ buyers.

The Great Expectations NFT collection contains 10,000 unique artworks made by Damien Hirst. Following the artwork that he created for Drake’s album cover, the NFTs show grids of emoji-like women whose forms have been created from spots of various shapes, sizes, and colors taken directly from The Currency artworks themselves.

While the structure and basic forms are repeated across the series, each NFT is individualized by color or unique attributes. No two NFTs in the collection are the same. The rarities are divided into various exciting categories. The artworks have been airdropped to holders of The Currency NFTs in a snapshot that took place shortly before the airdrop happened. Owners of Great Expectations will be able to use their NFT on Ethereum by using the two-way bridge with Palm.

I tried to create an image that sums up the powerful hope-filled love, humour, and daring truth in the music of Drake for his album cover,” says the artist. “And now my hope is that with this free gift you can all share and feel the excitement I feel about NFTS and the digital world, and here it is and I fucking love it!

Damien Hirst’s latest project creates new synergy towards his previous NFT collection, The Currency, an NFT social experiment fusing money and art together. The Currency marries physical and NFT versions of Hirst’s artwork and was also distributed using the Palm Network, a scalable and sustainable Ethereum protocol and token optimized for creators.

Explore the Great Expectations collection, view the full project in its entirety, or trade within the HENI or OpenSea marketplace today.