Announcing the Palm Creator Engagement Program

Announcing the Palm Creator Engagement Program

Artists are the foundation of the new creator economy and NFTs play a pivotal role in it. At Palm, we see creators as a critical part of what we are building. We want to elevate and amplify the work of creators in our community and across the extended NFT ecosystem.  

Through our strategic partnerships with platforms like Portion and Pace Gallery, we are keeping our creators top of mind and working hard to amplify their work. To that end, we are happy to announce the launch of our Creator Engagement Program. Rooted in community, the program has, at its core, the goal of highlighting the work of artists in the community. Here’s how it works:

Artists will enroll in the Creator Program database. We are hoping to attract artists  from across the NFT community and spanning all genres and styles. All are welcome. The only requirement is that the work has to have been minted on an existing platform. Once in the database, artists are eligible for all of the perks that come with membership. They include:

Social Media features
Each week, the Palm Curatorial Team will select an artist from the database to feature across all of our social media channels. This is a great opportunity to catch the eye of new collectors and to find new audiences for your work.

Featured artists  will be interviewed in our Artists AMAs which will launch in the coming weeks and provide an opportunity for artists to talk in depth about their process and their work with the larger Palm community.

The Palm NFT Studio works with a number of high profile partners across a number of industries. Featured artists will be eligible to be selected for partnership opportunities with those partners on select projects.

As an NFT-focused protocol, Palm will, from time to time, commission works from artists in our community for special projects and other initiatives. We will look to our Artist DB for artists whose work fit our search criteria for commissions.

By providing opportunities for artists to show and make a living from their creations, Palm is doing our part to contribute to the new creator economy. Sign up here:

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